revenue growth by 4400$/month

203 % revenue growth because of PPC

56 % users growth because of PPC

With the e-shop shop.energiezivota.com, which is focused on natural food supplements and superfooAfter market analysis followed by testing new campaigns, we invested more in PPC campaigns since June.

Now, the monthly investment ranges between 1.500 $ and 1.800 $. Adequately to that, we have increased our conversions from 70 up to 120-170 after only a few months, and we've exalted the value of the conversions to 4500 $ per month.

Overall, in 2018 our e-shop reached 57.800 $ just from sales of PPC campaigns, which is 203% more than in 2017. The average campaign share turnover for 2018 amounts 20.7%.

Compared to 2017, we managed to bring 52.6% more customers thanks to PPC campaigns. 52.8% of them were new users and the rest returning users. We managed to find a new place in online marketing, and we have created a more efficient e-shop propagation, even though the client has been considering establishing collaboration at the beginning.

We are glad that we have achieved these results.months of sales are, on other hand, holidays, December, and the Christmas time).

45 % PNO decrease in campaigns

436 % revenue growth because of PPC

With Gentleman's Boutiques e-shop, which is dedicated to fashion accessories for men, we cooperate since July 2018, and we have been working together to transfer this e-shop from the small to the middle e-shop category in less than six months.

The usual outlays to PPC ads before we started to work together was only 225 $ per month. Our client did not invest more because the average share turnover of the campaigns was up to 70%, these resources were not invested unduly efficiently.

Now, in cooperation with us, we invest in Google Ads and Sklik an average of 890 $.

However, the investments gradually graduated primarily with the arrival of the Christmas season. The average share turnover for the period of our administration stands at 42%, but in November we managed to reduce it to 25% and this streamlining still continues.

Overall, in 2018 we earned sales from PPC campaigns worth 21.000 $, which is 436% more than in 2017.

Last year the e-shop exceeded sales of 44.000 $ for the first time, so our client is very content with our work.

61 % monthly revenue growth because of PPC

4,8 % PNO in Facebook promotion

33 % revenue growth because of PPC

We cooperate with client kompresory-vzduchotechnika.cz since April 2018. We started to manage advertising campaigns in Google Ads and Sklik, since August we also manage Facebook ads.

In the period before the cooperation with us, the client achieved monthly sales of an average of 9.350 $. The average of sales in the period with us is 15.100 $ per month (without Facebook).

From Facebook advertising we earned sales in the amount of 21.100 $ in five months, with a great share turnover of 4.8%.

Sales from Google Ads and Sklik amounts 160.000 $ for the full year of 2018 with 1026 conversions and an average share turnover of 11%.

Compared with the previous year, we brought 33% more users from PPC ads and 179 % more users from Facebook in 2018. Revenues from these advertisement channels are constantly increasing year by year, by 1/3. We as well managed to do a good job with this client, too.

E-shop with groceries for protein diet

355 % revenue growth because of PPC

13 % year-on-year revenue growth from PPC

77 % more assisted conversions than last year

If you have a business in a similar industry, you know, that the high season is in January (yes, it’s probably due to our weight loss goals that will not last long; the weakest months of sales are, on other hand, holidays, December, and the Christmas time).

E-shop revenues from PPC compared to the period when I did not manage this e-shop are higher by 355%.

In January 2018, e-shop revenues exceeded 44,000 USD, of which 65% accounted for the PPC campaign.

Compared to January 2016, the e-shop has higher revenues by 5.5%, and the revenues from PPC have increased by 13% compared to January 2016.

Additionally, the value of assisted conversions for paid search channel is 30% higher when compared to January 2017 and 2018, while the value of overall assisted conversions is 77%.

E-shop with animal food

400 % revenue growth because of PPC

E-shop with food and supplies for dogs, cats and other pets before we started our cooperation used to have revenues from one PPC system of about 6,600 US per month.

After my takeover of the PPC account, an increase of revenues of over 33,000 USD was achieved. Now, our goal is 44,000 USD, all with the current investment turnover ratio by 11%, so there is a nice space for making a profit!

Maybe your business would like to start this little miracle within 3 months? Just contact us!

E-shop with home appliances

24 % higher revenues from paid search

66,000 USD increase of revenue

23 % more assisted conversions than last year

PPC campaigns for e-shop with home appliances and professional electric machines are managed by me since the autumn of 2017.

We managed to take the advantage of the Christmas season 2017; after the first month of PPC management we increased sales by 66,000 USD with lower investment turnover ratio that we hold at value of about 6%.

In a long-term perspective, comparing the first 5 months of my PPC management and 5 months before, we have achieved higher turnover by 24% from the paid search channel; the same in the number of visits

Zároveň hodnota asistovaných konverzí vykazuje  navýšení o 23 %. V žádném případě však nedochází k oslabení jiných kanálů, i ty rostou, a to jak organic search, tak i přímá návštěvnost a další.

Also at the beginning of 2018, the level of revenue was stable, so the increase was not only affected by the Christmas season. After taking over the PPC management, we see a major breaking point of the benefit of my PPC management for the client!

E-shop with natural cosmetics

77 % increase in traffic from PPC

670 % increase of revenue

After taking over the client’s PPC management, revenues from PPC were about 13,300 USD per month. Compared to the amount of the investments, however, the campaigns were not profitable. 

Po třech měsících naší správy dosáhly tržby výše 500 tis. Kč a kampaně se staly ziskovými.

Today, we have a turnover of more than 88,000 USD per month with a net profit of more than 6,600 USD. Profit growth may be even higher in the future, but the strategy of the e-shop is also testing new opportunities for promotion and branding.

If you have an e-shop and you want to keep your revenues and profits steadily growing, please contact us for possible cooperation!

*Due to the data protection regulation, we are unable to name the e-shops.


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Chcete audit PPC kampaní zdarma?

Pro audit PPC kampaní zdarma nám prosím pošlete e-mail a uveďte pár informací o vašem webu. Odpovídáme zpravidla do pár hodin a na všem se domluvíme. Děkujeme za váš zájem!

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